Ghostlight by Kenneth Oppel

Author: Kenneth Oppel

Publisher: Penguin Teen Canada

Release Date: September 6/22

Reviewer: Kathie

Thank you to the publisher for an ARC of the September 6th release GHOSTLIGHT.

Kenneth Oppel is one of those authors whose books are always on my must-read list. He has a gift for writing stories that feel unlike anything else I’ve read, and he straddles the upper-middle grade/YA line in a way that respects the intelligence of young readers without dishing out more than they can handle. His latest novel combines his characteristic creepy style with the paranormal world of ghosts and spirits to give readers a delightfully spooky read about a boy who becomes embroiled in the true story of the deaths of the former residents of a lighthouse where he leads ghost tours. Gabe inadvertently connects with the ghost of the lighthouse keeper’s daughter, who wants revenge on the evil spirit who killed her and her father. As this cruel ghost regains his strength and threatens to cause chaos in the present-day, Gabe and his friends must find a way to stop him for good by procuring a ghostlight to eradicate him and the ghosts he’s recruiting to help him with his destructive plans.

I loved this story’s unexpected twists and turns and the creative world-building that included historical references and Canadian content. I also loved the emotional depth as the characters face grief, loss, anger, family and friendship. I highly recommend this story for readers in Gr. 5 and older who enjoy fast-paced scary ghost stories.

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