I Can’t Do What?: Strange Laws and Rules from Around the World by Heather Camlot

Author: Heather Camlot (illustrated by Mike Deas)

Publisher: Red Deer Press

Release Date: 2022

Reviewer: Kathie

Thank you to Red Deer Press for a digital copy of I CAN’T DO WHAT?: STRANGE LAWS AND RULES FROM AROUND THE WORLD.

Here’s a book that would be fantastic for generating conversation in the classroom!

We know that not every country has the same laws and rules that we have in ours. It’s easy to mock some extreme or outlandish ideas that are different from our own, yet many regulations make more sense when we understand their rationale (that certainly doesn’t mean we have to agree with them!) I loved learning about laws and rules around the world and found it fascinating how things we take for granted here aren’t allowed in other countries (did you know you can be fined for not flushing a toilet in Singapore?) The book is divided into four main sections (people problems, sports zone, entertainment interrupted, and kid concerns). It includes sidebars with interesting facts, quizzes, and actions kids can take to lobby for change. I love how the illustrations break up the text and make it highly readable while adding an element of fun to the story. Not only is this book very entertaining, but there’s so much to discuss about differences, fairness, and right or wrong.

I will be adding this book to my library’s collection and think it would be a fantastic addition to a middle-school collection.

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