Scritch Scratch

Author: Lindsay Curry

Publisher: Sourcebooks

Release Date: September 1/20

Reviewer: Laurie

Thank you to Edelweiss+ and the publisher for an eARC of this book.

Creepy title, creepy cover with a creepy map and a creepy story – scary story readers will love this new book from author @lindsayncurrie coming out today.

Seventh grader Claire is all about science and not the scary, while her dad is all about the paranormal and runs a Ghosts Tour in the evenings in Chicago. When her dad’s driver cancels at the last minute Claire has been given no choice but to help out and join the tour one evening. Things seem to be going alright until she thinks she sees a small kid in the tour van but when she goes to investigate no one is there. Strange things start to happen at her house but Claire being of scientific mind knows there must be a rationale explanation and goes about using science theory to investigate this mystery of a boy in white who seems to be haunting Claire. With a mystery to solve, Claire involves her friends, her brother and even her first crush to find out the mystery of the boy in white who leaves clues behind providing Claire and her friends some insight to Chicago’s rich history of gangsters, ghosts and misfortunes.

Fans of the spooky will not be disappointed – there’s just enough scary to keep you quickly turning the pages and racing to see if Claire and her friends can decipher the messages before someone gets hurt. This book was one I was reading before it got dark and my imagination ran wild with scritch scratch noises but plenty of readers will love this book for those exact reasons. I liked how Currie interlaced actual Chicago history into the storyline – readers will no doubt investigate further when the book is completed.

I have found one can never have enough scary stories and this one will circulate from reader to reader never being on the shelf.

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