Who needs Netflix when you can have BookFlix!

My sister is going back into the kindergarten classroom this year after being a learning specialist and was asking me if I could recommend some picture books to share with her students and also other primary teachers she will be working with at her school as a learning leader. Well as many of you know (and for those who don’t), I am a bit of a picture book enthusiast – STRONGLY believing that PICTURE BOOKS ARE FOR EVERYONE and was excited to help out my sister, but perhaps some of my friends and colleagues.

I also decided to ask my Twitter PLN to make suggestions so I did not overlook any titles and naturally, they did not disappoint. I also used various hashtags on social media such as #classroombookaday #CBAD, #picturebooks, #IReadCanadian to make sure I did not miss any must have titles.

So after receiving a number of responses and titles of excellent books, I decided I needed to create something that my sister could perhaps use as a learning leader and continue to add as she needed. I remembered seeing a post about BookFlix and thought that might be a great way to share books not just with her, but also could be adapted for my teacher librarian friends to share virtually with students and teachers.

I had been meaning to try the BookFlix idea that I had seen again on different social media sites and finally followed the easy to follow steps created by Christina Farley’s site. Using her posts as a guide I was able to create something for my sister and also knew this could be easily adaptable for others to use.

My go to platform has been Google, so like Christina, I used Google slides to create two separate sections. In the first section, I wanted to highlight new releases. Following Christina’s lead for each title used, I linked it to a separate slide, where you could then see the book itself and the Goodreads summary of the book. All book titles are also linked to Goodreads, in the event someone wants to look at the author or perhaps get some information on the illustrator. In hindsight I should have also included information about the illustrators, who are equally important.

In the second set of titles I wanted to highlight some Canadian authors, Wordless and Nonfiction titles that often we forget or neglect when sharing picture books. In this section, I highlighted specific authors which then linked to a separate slide highlighting some of the books they have written. Again all the titles in each slide link to Goodreads for further information and a book summary.

Wanting to share and hopefully allow others to work smarter not harder, if you would like to adapt or use this please feel free. From the hyperlink, you will be asked to make a copy so we do not have editing issues. I only ask that you leave the acknowledgment of the link to Christina Farley’s site so she is given credit for her hard work.