If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

Authors: Colleen Nelson and Kathie MacIsaac

Illustrator: Scot Ritchie 

Publisher: Pajama Press

Release Date: Oct. 25/22

Page Length: 64 pages

Reviewer: Laurie

Thank you to Edelweiss+ and the publisher Pajama Press for a digital ARC of this title to read.

If anything was going to get me out of this blogging funk, it was Kathie’s (and Colleen Nelson’s) upcoming release If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It.   I am so proud of Kathie and her debut book, and I know that many of you are just as excited and eager to read. You will NOT be disappointed.

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It is not your every day “Here is what you can do when you grow up” book. Instead, the authors highlight more unfamiliar jobs such as a smokejumper, a video game player, and an NHL Scout. Yes, some jobs that people may consider typical such as a carpenter or a teacher, are in the book, but the authors have put their own spin on that by ensuring it is someone you may not first envision. As a reader, I appreciated the diversity and representation of all genders when reading about the imaginative and what I would say are “cool careers.”

Each dream job has a two-page spread with a diverse group of individuals represented, sharing their experiences and perspectives about their dream job and unique path to that job. There are options for everyone, with areas of academics, athletics, and the arts covered. 

Another appealing factor is the Living the DreamMaking a Difference and Inspiring Individuals sections highlighting young people and shining a spotlight on their paths to make their dreams come true. These short captions are highly motivating, demonstrating that you do not have to wait to pursue your dream. In addition, there are short snippets of information that relate to the positions, such as Fun Facts and Spin-Off Jobs.

Another strength of this book is that it reads as if one author wrote it instead of two allowing for seamless reading without having to adapt to two different writing styles. Scot Ritchie’s art provides just enough colour, and his bright illustrations make the pages pop. The layout is attractive and easy to follow, text features provide strong organization, and additional snippets of information in catchy categories will make If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It a popular choice for young and old audiences.

List of text features found in the book.

Preorder this gem out October 25th, it is sure to be a favourite.

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