Bit About Books Summer 2021 Reading Challenge Update

There were some issues with the image and the PDF to download so here is the same post with the updated image and PDF. Looking forward to seeing what you will be reading!

Can you believe it’s June? This year is slipping away so fast! We have had some inquiries about a Summer Reading Challenge, so Kathie and I got together and brainstormed some ideas and have put together a laid-back, fun and exciting Summer Reading Challenge. The Challenge will start on the first day of summer and run until August 31st. Right now, we are thinking we will take a break for September and then run another challenge that will go until the end of the year if the interest is there.

Challenge Info at a Glance

  • First and foremost, ALL of our Challenges are meant to be ENJOYABLE and not something added to your plate – PLEASE make them work for you
  • Spring Challenge ends June 20th – still time to finish up or no worries if you cannot finish
  • Summer Challenge runs June 21 – August 31
  • Unless specified (for example, the Adult book Challenge), all books qualify – picture books, graphic novels etc.
  • Use the prompts as a guideline – be creative with the non-book related prompts
  • Do it as fast as you can or until the last minute
  • Complete it once or more than once

Upon reflection, Kathie and I will most likely go back to completing the Summer Challenge at a slower pace. We will post updates on our social media accounts. You can find us here; hnatiukl_turningthepage on Instagram and @lhnatiuk on Twitter and @kathiemacisaac on Instagram, and @kathiemacisaac on Twitter. Most likely, we will both create a blog post at the beginning of July and August. We’d love it if you tag us, so we can follow your progress and see what you’re reading. You can keep track of our books any way you choose, but feel free to use the printout above if you want to print it out for your reading journal.

We both know we will add more titles to our Option piles, but we are looking forward to learning more about you and your summer life! Here’s to sunshine, relaxing and reading some phenomenal books!


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