November 2020 Reading Recap

By Kathie

I finished November on a high note, completing the debut reading project I set for myself this month. It was grateful for the #stayhomereadmore readathon this past weekend, which gave me over 13 hours of reading time to devote to it. I also I didn’t know about my impending work layoff at the start of the month, so having a project to work on helped give me a focus with the unexpected free time, and kept me from buying any new books.


Here are links to the posts I published this month:


I read 17 books in November for a total of 194 this year. Of those titles, 12 were 2021 debut authors (71%), 6 were ownvoices stories (35%), and only 2 were by Canadian authors (12%). I read 6 physical books.


My favorite reads of the month were The Fabulous Zed Watson! by Basil Sylvester & Kevin Sylvester, Amari and the Night Brothers by B.B. Alston, The Last Windwitch by Jennifer Adam, and Thanks A Lot, Universe by Chad Lucas.


I have a couple of seasonal-themed books I’d like to read, and I also have a number of eARC approvals to continue working through. I’m excited at the prospect of another readathon at the end of December, but will make sure to pick a wider variety of genres and book lengths for the next one.

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